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Granger Regular Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Granger

Model: Granger

Tobacco Type: Burley

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: Burley

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Mild

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None

Amount: 7 oz. Can

Country: US

Room Note:

12 Reviews

  • 3

    Posted by Ron on 16th Jun 2023

    Granger is a straight mild burley tobacco. When fresh, it is slightly damp which will call for a few relights. I smoke Prince Albert daily and wanted to give this a try being an old brand. It's not sweet and just a straight burley. I'll most likely smoke this occasionally only. Granger has its fans out there and it's still around. I don't have regrets with my purchase. .

  • 5
    Granger Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by Stan on 2nd Mar 2023

    Over the years I have tried numerous pipe tobaccos. You name it, I have tried it. You cannot beat Granger or Sir Walter Raleigh. Both are smooth, have a great aroma and do not burn the tongue. I just wish they were both available in 12 ounce containers.

  • 4

    Posted by Jerry Shantz on 25th Jan 2023

    This is a nice smoke, good aroma, and the tin I like with the dog on it, give it a try

  • 5

    Posted by Brent Johnson on 24th Dec 2022

    It is a consistent tobacco. I have used over twenty years. I also enjoy English blends like 965 and Balkin Sasinii (Sobranie) Granger is milder and is not flavored with cherry or whisky, vanilla, etc. Good for everyday.

  • 4
    Granger Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by Bryan on 29th Jun 2022

    Straight-forward, old-school pipe tobacco your grandfather likely smoked. I placed the modern cardboard canister inside my vintage Granger tobacco tin and it feels right at home.

  • 4
    I stopped even looking at American Burley tobaccos

    Posted by Vladimir Radzievski on 21st Apr 2022

    And so the next new tobacco for me. I confess immediately after the trials of Prince Albert, Velvet, Carter Hall, I stopped even looking at American Burley tobaccos. Not mine! But somehow I came across an article about Jung and he was a very big fan of Granger Regular. And it turned out that this tobacco differs very favorably in taste from those listed above. The nutty flavor is excellent. The tobacco is full and not very strong (between light and close to medium), good for large pipe bowls. Not much sweet with real tobacco taste and it's rich. Will bite the tongue if the tobacco is damp and at a fast pace of smoking. In conclusion, out of 10 points, I would give him 7-8 points no less and I will definitely return to him.

  • 4
    An all day smoke

    Posted by Michael Tooley on 3rd Apr 2022

    I must say that I am a big burley fan. This is the first time that I’ve tried Granger. When I first opened the tin [can] I noticed a bit of an anise aroma. A bit of a surprise but I never noticed it in the smoking of this classic burley blend. I did notice a nice light cocoa flavor in the smoke and in the room note. To me the room note was quite pleasant. Not too smoky, burns cool, leaves little moisture in the bowl. It’s not a terribly complicated tobacco but A very enjoyable easy laid back smoke. Could easily be an all day smoke if want something simple and pleasant. There a reason it’s been around for so long and most people had a relative that smoked it. Very nice burley blend for a very good price.

  • 5
    The epitome of comfort

    Posted by Oldsoul84 on 9th Jun 2021

    Granger, along with most other OTC blends is wonderful. They’re consistent and comforting. Granger is what I smoke whenever I’m in the garage or doing yard work, or out running errands unless it’s 95-105 degrees here, then I reach for Half & Half. They both fit the bill.

  • 5
    Granger Rough Cut

    Posted by Jim on 2nd Feb 2021

    Granger is one of the very best all-day blends. A flavorful, cool smoking, easy burning blend of quality Kentucky rough cut Burley. STG has improved upon the flavor and the mildness of this long time classic. If you love burley, this is one of best with a pleasant room note and fragrant “pipey” aroma.