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Lane Limited pipe tobacco is one of the best known brands in the USA and also one of the best selling. This affordable and dependable line of pipe tobaccos is a perfect choice for go-to blends that won't leave your wallet stinging.


Lane Limited got its start in Dresden, Germany, in 1890. This tobacco shop worked well, being able to pass down the generations until Herman G. Lane, one of the founder's grandsons, emigrated to the United States and opened up his own shop in Manhattan, New York City, in 1938.


That would be the headquarters for Lane, Limited, until 1983 when they moved down to Tucker, Georgia, where they continue to operate to this day. A point of pride for the company is that, despite various changes in ownership, there had been many employees in Tucker that worked in New York.


In 2011, the Scandinavian Tobacco Group purchased Lane, Limited. The quality of the tobacco produced has maintained its high and impressive standards, perhaps even getting better with the larger Scandinavian company supporting them.


Perhaps that's why these high-quality blends have been a favorite of American pipe smokers for more than 80 years. Having high standards and producing great tobacco has made Lane, Limited a trustworthy company.


Dating back to the Dresden, Germany origins, Lane, Limited offers more than 125 years of experienced tobacconists.


It shows that this company knows something about staying power, and the long-lasting popularity of their pipe tobacco blends proves it.


We provide 19 different Lane, Limited pipe tobacco blends. Choose between vanilla flavored Black Cavendish, rum flavored Burley, black raspberry, and many other different tobaccos that can satisfy your desire for excellent tobacco. If you are looking for it, Lane, Limited probably provides it.

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  • Lane Limited 1-Q Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited 1-Q Pipe Tobacco

    Here we see the single best selling pipe tobacco in the world: Lane 1-Q. This overwhelmingly pleasant blend combines Cavendish and Virginia tobacco. For 1-Q the secret is in the sauce, literally. Blended with a sauce made primarily of vanilla the room...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited BCA Bulk Pipe Tobacco -  Tobacco Cut

    Lane Limited BCA Pipe Tobacco

    If you are a smoker who loves a traditional Black Cavendish tobacco, then we don't have a better suggestion for you than Lane Limited's BCA bulk tobacco. This Cavendish tobacco has added vanilla flavor, which does nothing but bring out the sweetness we...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited Black Raspberry Bulk Pipe Tobacco Tobacco Cut

    Lane Limited Black Raspberry Pipe Tobacco

    If there was ever a tobacco blend that was as seductive, as sweetly enticing as its name implies, than Black Raspberry is it. This standard aromatic mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Cavendish tobacco has been flavored with a liberal sprout of rasberry...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited RLP-6 Bulk Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited RLP-6 Pipe Tobacco

    Even though RLP-6 isn't the Lane blend you are most likely to have heard of, it is one of the company's top selling tobaccos. This high quality aromatic is defined by its contrasting vanilla and chocolate flavors. This harmonious mixture is perfect for...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited Very Cherry Bulk Pipe Tobacco Cut

    Lane Limited Very Cherry Pipe Tobacco

    There is no mystery with this Lane Limited tobacco; we know that it is going to have a plethora of cherry flavor. Occasionally blends that are this aromatic can bite the tongue, so we suggest you smoke this tobacco in a pipe that you know smokes cool, so...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited LL-7 Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited LL-7 Pipe Tobacco

    If you are a fan of sweet baked goods, then this Lane Limited LL-7 tobacco is perfect for you. The liberal caramel flavor coats your palate in an abundance of sweet goodness that few other blends can match. We believe this is a perfect blend for smoking...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited Hazelnut Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited Hazelnut Pipe Tobacco

    If you are a latte lover, then you are sure to be attracted to the Lane Limited Hazelnut bulk blend. This nut flavored tobacco is a gentle marriage of marriage leafs that translates in a calm and controlled manner. Order your new bag of Lane Limited pipe...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited TK-6 Bulk Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited TK-6 Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited is known for their aromatic tobaccos, and blends like TK-6 is why. This pleasant relationship of Burley and Cavendish is highlighted by the addition of cherry flavor. If you are looking for your next favorite aromatic tobacco, give this...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited BL/WB Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited BL/WB Pipe Tobacco

    So what exactly does BL/WB mean anyway? Well simply put it means "burley lite without the bite". This Lane Limited tobacco mixture is a bag of loose cut burley, aimed toward pleasing the smoker who loves a full flavor. Smoke this blend on its own, use it...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited Buttered Rum Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited Buttered Rum Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Lane Limited Model: Buttered Rum Tobacco Type: Burley Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 1 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Very Pleasant Flavoring: Rum Amount: 1 oz. Bulk 2 oz. Bulk 4 oz. Bulk 8 oz. Bulk 16 oz. Bulk 5 lb...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited HGL Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited HGL Pipe Tobacco

    We bet that you haven't seen too many aromatic tobacco blends that contain Latakia tobacco. HGL is a blend that attempts to combine the ordinary with the modern, the stable with the trending. This Latakia adds a detectable punch to the tobacco without...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited HG-2000 Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited HG-2000 Pipe Tobacco

    This blend is one of Lane's softer, easier to smoke, tobaccos. A simple combination of light Burley and Cavendish tobacco is the secret to achieving a sophisticated flavor, but keeping it soft and mellow at the same time. To improve the room note and add...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited MV-1000 Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited MV-1000 Pipe Tobacco

    With the omission of Cavendish and Burley (two common aromatic tobacco components), MV-1000 is a delectable Virginia tobacco, perfect for the distinguished smoker who is looking to revisit aromatic tobaccos. With a vanilla flavor, this blend will not...

    $3.46 - $213.54
  • Lane Limited HS-3 Pipe Tobacco

    Lane Limited HS-3 Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Lane Limited Model: HS-3 Tobacco Type: Cavendish Cut: Ribbon  Blend Type: Aromatic Strength: 2 of 5 Taste: Mild Room Note: Pleasant Flavoring: Other Amount: 1 oz. 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 5 lbs. Country: Denmark

    $3.46 - $213.54
14 of 14 Items