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5 of the Best Whiskey Flavored Blends Pipe Smokers Ought to Try

5 of the Best Whiskey Flavored Blends Pipe Smokers Ought to Try

Posted by Greg Rosenberg on 24th Oct 2022

  1. Solani Red Label
  2. Cobblestone High Spirits Whiskey
  3. Peterson Irish Whiskey
  4. Sutliff Dutch Masters
  5. Cornell & Diehl Vieux Carre

5 of the best whiskey flavored tobacco blends

Liquor flavored  pipe tobaccos are very popular, whiskey blends being among some of the most appreciated. It’s no wonder why; there’s a lot of diversity you can get with such a topping. From Aromatics with generously applied flavoring to a more reserved application complrmenting the tobacco profile with smokiness, sweetness, and spice—the flavors arouse a symbiotic bouquet when mixed thoughtfully. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the best whiskey blends and explore the multifaceted allure of this pipe blend sub-genre. 

Solani Red Label

Solani Red Label Blend No. 131 Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco:     Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Cut:         Ribbon
Flavoring:   Medium
Strength:    Mild - Medium
Taste:       Medium

Red Label is a fantastic whiskey blend from  Solani, manufactured by Kohlhase & Kopp.

In 1998, Rudiger L. Will launched the Solani pipe tobacco brand. Originally a pipe maker, Will had found success in blending with the  Reiner brand. He conceived of Solani as a natural approach to pipe tobacco, quality high grade leaf with scant use of additives. 

Solani Red Label is an excellent offering for an Aromatic that is certainly top-flavoring focused, but not all eclipsing. The sweet and malty whiskey flavoring harmoniously interacts with tangy, woody red Virginias and nutty Burley. The Black Cavendish offers some sweetness in a hint of vanilla which does excellent work of giving volume to the smoke. The experience is complete with  a wonderful room note.  

Cobblestone High Spirits Whiskey

Cobblestone High Spirits Whiskey Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco:     Burley, Virginia
Cut:         Ribbon
Flavoring:   Medium - Strong
Strength:    Mild
Taste:       Medium

Here we have another great whiskey blend from  Cobblestone’s High Spirits series, a line-up of delightful Aromatic mixtures, each leaning into a different liquor-inspired top flavoring.

Manufactured by  Sutliff Tobacco, Cobblestone Whiskey fills the category of a traditional, straight forward Aromatic. By this I mean, we have some tobacco, but the leaf’s role is largely as a vehicle for the top flavoring which is certainly the most prominent player in the profile. In Cobblestone Whiskey, the Virginias give citrus and grass. The Burley, less noticeable, offers a nice foundational nutty, woodiness. On top of this, the whiskey topping is generously applied delivering significant spice and sweetness for an easy, flavorful smoke. 

Peterson Irish Whiskey

Peterson Irish Whiskey Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco:     Burley, Kentucky, Virginia
Cut:         Ribbon
Flavoring:   Mild
Strength:    Medium to Full
Taste:       Medium to Full 

Probably my personal favorite of the bunch, here we have  Peterson Irish Whiskey, a phenomenal whiskey tobacco that teeters on that “Aromatic” line. The delicate topping is mild and doesn’t at all eclipse the tobacco flavors, but complements them gracefully.

This whiskey tobacco is for those that like that whiskey note but are looking for something with a strength you don’t often get from the heavily topped Aromatics. Those with little tolerance may need to  navigate that nic hit, but for those who favor a bit of brawn, Irish Whiskey should hit just right.

Woody, nutty, Burley and lightly smoky Kentucky coalesce for a fair medium to full strength. The Kentucky and whiskey are especially in tune and a good base of sweet Virginias pull it all together. 

Sutliff Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters Whiskey Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco:     Black Cavendish, Cavendish 
Cut:         Ribbon
Flavoring:   Mild - Medium
Strength:    Mild
Taste:       Mild - Medium 

A rebranding of the famous Old Grand Dad's mixture,  Sutliff’s Dutch Masters Whiskey is an true classic.

This blend of Black and Golden Cavendish topped with Kentucky Straight Bourbon offers a creamy, sweet, rich smoke. From the Black Cavendish we have bready and vanilla notes, but most forward is the smooth, sweet spice of bourbon. Wherever you stand on those historic OTC blends, there’s certainly a reason they've stuck around. 

Cornell & Diehl Vieux Carre

Cornell & Diehl Vieux Carre Pipe Tobacco

Tobacco:     Latakia, Oriental, Virginia
Cut:         Flake
Flavoring:   Mild
Strength:    Mild to Medium
Taste:       Medium 

A nice whiskey and a smoky English are natural companions, it only makes sense that these flavors would complement one another in the same bowl.

Vieux Carre is one of the fine offerings from  Cornell & Diehl’s Cellar Series—a range of pipe tobacco blends which were intently formulated to lean into the most desirable aspects of aging tobacco. We usually think of Virginias when we think of aging potential, but head blender Jeremy Reeves set out to create a dynamic, smoky blend, perfect for further refinement with maturity (though it’s a wonderful smoke right out of the tin as well).

The Islay whiskey mediates beautifully between the sweet red Virginias and smoky Latakia, while the Oriental component offers a herbal, woody essence. The whiskey here isn’t going to be so overt, it is a discreet agent, thoughtfully chosen to accentuate the tobacco flavors. 

Hopefully our list of the best whiskey pipe tobaccos gives you a good jumping off point to find new favorites! Looking to explore some other spirited blends? Check out our recommendations for the  9 best liquor pipe tobaccos. And if you need any direction in finding that perfect pipetobacco, or premium cigar, feel free to reach out! It's a pleasure and honor to take part in our fellow smokers' exploration.