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A Year in Progress—Tracking Pipe, Tobacco, and Cigar Releases in 2023

A Year in Progress—Tracking Pipe, Tobacco, and Cigar Releases in 2023

Posted by Greg Rosenberg on 22nd Mar 2023

This blog will be updated throughout the year, tracking the progress of new products that appear or are rereleased in new editions. 

Check out our great selection of  pipestobaccos, and premium cigars for all new and familiar favorites. 


Chillin' Moose Shady Moose Cigars

Chillin' Moose Shady Moose cigars

Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder Mexican
Shapes Robusto (5.5 x 50) | Toro (6 x 52)
Chillin' Moose broke the internet with the Bull Moose last year. Hold on to your hats because the Moose is Loose in 2023! For the first time ever, Chillin' Moose brings you a Connecticut shade smoke... and for the first time ever, Chillin' Moose brings you a TORO size!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the SHADY MOOSE! This is not just Chillin' Moose with a Connecticut wrapper slapped on it. This is the finest Connecticut shade cigar in the segment. Made in Honduras, this SIX COUNTRY BLENDS gives you all the smoothness of a Connecticut shade cigar with that juice that you expect from the Moose: Mexican binder and fillers from the good ole US of A, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. 

Cornell & Diehl The Beast (Small Batch)

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch The Beast Pipe Tobacco

Type VaPer
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Perique, Virginia
Flavoring Rum
Cut Ribbon
Small Batch The Beast is one of the only mixtures on the market to highlight the unique, umami characteristics of Perique when used in large portions; indeed genuine St. James Perique comprises more than half of the blend. Together with Cornell & Diehl’s proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish, unsweetened Black Cavendish, and a whisper of Dark-Fired Kentucky, the entire mixture is soaked in spiced rum for seven days, yielding a smoke that’s rich, robust, yet exceedingly complex — supported by notes of sweet tang, mesquite wood, stone fruits, and piquant spice.


Sutliff - Anomalous (Birds of a Feather)

Sutliff Birds of a Feather Anomalous Pipe Tobacco

Type Virginia Based
Tobacco Virginia, Black Cavendish, Katerini Perique, Burley
Cut Cake
A special crumble cake blend featuring Katerini Perique, an oriental tobacco grown in Greece. Katerini perique has a lighter taste than normal perique, and as an extra grain, it develops a deep raisin/fruity taste. The Katerini perique is blended with Red Virginia, a fair amount of Virginia Cavendish, and a bit of high-grade Burley. A blend with lots of Virginia sweetness and the unique taste of raisins/dark fruit coming from the Katerini Perique. 

The fifth of six installments to the Birds of a Feather series from Sutliff Tobacco, blended by Mac Baren's Per Jensen. 


Peterson Junior Rustic

Peterson Junior Rustic Tobacco Pipes

For the first time in recent memory, Peterson has unveiled a series of entirely new shapes: the Junior line. Unified by their smaller stature and classic shaping, these 10 new models nod to the slender silhouettes of early-to-mid 20th century pipe design. Finished in Peterson’s traditional, craggy rustication, each pipe is topped with a classic fishtail stem of jet-black ebonite. The 10 new models include Lovat, Rhodesian, Squat Rhodesian, Acorn, Pear, Canted Apple, Apple, Prince, Canted Billiard, & Billiard.

4th Generation Resolution

4th Generation Resolution Limited Edition Small Batch Pipe Tobacco

Type Virginia Based
Tobacco Virginia, Oriental
Flavoring Hazelnut
Cut Flake
Aged Carolina mahogany and lemon flue-cured Virginias are married with top-tier Orientals from Turkey and Greece, producing a mixture deep in flavor, rich in oil, and full of natural sweetness. A hazelnut topnote accentuates the blend's balanced mélange of spices, dark fruit, bright citrus, and floral characteristics. 

Developed and blended by Cornell & Diehl in cooperation with Erik Stokkebye, maker of fin tobacco for four generations. 

Sutliff Hill of Slane

Sutliff Private Stock Limited Edition Hill of Slane pipe tobacco

Type Aromatic
Tobacco Virginia, Burley
Flavoring Irish Cream
Cut Ribbon
Hill of Slane is fragrant and fills the room with warmth yet is mellow so as not to be overpowering. It burns cool and doesn't overheat but burns long to allow the smoker time to slowly enjoy the gifts of the blend. And it is welcoming and inviting to all those around so they too can enjoy the sweet nuances of traditional Irish Cream. This unique and satisfying blend of air and flue-cured tobaccos of Virginia and Burley, has been expertly blended so we can relax, reflect and remember that: "A little fire that warms is better than a big fire that burns!"

Missouri Meerschaum Emerald Bent Multi Colored

Missouri Meerschaum Emerald Bent Multi Colored corn cob pipe

Missouri Meerschaum Smokey Grey Cobs

Cobbit Shire

Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit Shire Corn Cob Pipe

Cobbit Elf

Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit Elf Corn Cob Pipe


Rattray's Majesty

Rattray's Majesty tobacco pipes

Savinelli Miele Rustic

Savinelli Miele Rustic tobacco pipes

Savinelli’s beloved Miele series expands with the introduction of the Miele Rusticated. In its most modern iteration, the Miele wears a warm, chestnut stain over rugged rustication, complemented by an acrylic stem resembling the mosaic-like structure of honeycomb. Like the original, the Miele Rusticated chamber is infused with honey extract for a sweet-smoking break-in period, and the presentation is elevated by a wooden tamper in the shape of a honey dipper.

Seattle Pipe Club Virginia Jazz

Seattle Pipe Club Virginia Jazz Signature Series Pipe Tobacco

Type VaPer
Tobacco Virginia, Perique, Black Cavendish
Cut Cake
Introducing the third Seattle Pipe Club signature series release, ‘Virginia Jazz’. The 1920's Jazz Age changed America. The new music moved people. New Orleans, The Great Gatsby, prohibition, radio and a national urge to cut loose. Music and cultures mashed together. Our Virginia Perique starts with 10-year old mature red Virginias blended with a good amount of Cajun tobacco, Acadian Perique. Add some tasty stoved Virginia, pressed and crumble cake cut. Virginia Jazz is an exceptional smoke and music to VaPer lovers. As Louisiana locals say, Pass a good time, cher!

Peterson System Spigot Sandblasted

Peterson System Spigot Sandblasted Tobacco Pipes

Savinelli 2023 Series

Continuing their tradition of introducing new, innovative series at the beginning of each year, Savinelli has released six inspired lines for 2023. From classical Italian aesthetics to avant-garde flair, Savinelli has delivered some of the world’s finest and most imitated pipes, and this year’s impressive offerings are no exception. With a diverse range of finishes, shapes, eye-catching proprietary acrylic stems, and refined accents, Savinelli’s new 2023 pipes personify style and accessibility. What’s more, all new 2023 pipes may be enjoyed with or without a balsa filter, each including an optional tenon adaptor for those who prefer non-filter smoking.

Collection 2023

Savinelli Collection 2023 tobacco pipes


Savinelli Paloma tobacco pipes


Savinelli Avorio tobacco pipes


Savinelli Oliva


Savinelli Arancia tobacco pipes


Savinelli Gianduia tobacco pipes

Sutliff - Barrel Aged No. 5 Rustica

Sutliff Crumble Kake Rustica Barrel Aged Series No.5 Pipe Tobacco

Type Virginia Based
Tobacco Burley, Rustica, Virginia
Flavoring Bourbon
Cut Cake
In the early 17th century, John Rolfe procured seeds from Trinidad, cultivating a milder tobacco than the harsh Nicotiana rustica then being grown in the colonies. Thus set in motion Nicotiana tabacum's dominance in most all tobacco consumption to this day. However, equipped with a modern knowledge of tobacco processing, the hearty Rustica has found a place in the blender's arsenal, and it now finds a home in our Barrel Aged Series with Crumble Kake No. 5.

Sun cured to retain the leaf's natural sugar, Rustica is joined by zesty Virginias and nutty Burleys before being aged in a bourbon barrel. Finally, it is pressed into a crumble cake, mellowing and melding the bold mixture. With full body and flavor, Sutliff Crumble Kake No. 5 delivers a rich smoking experience. 


Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2023 Pipes

Peterson St. Patrick's Day 2023 tobacco pipe

The eminent pipe crafters at  Kapp & Peterson have outdone themselves with this year's special edition St. Patrick’s Day collection. Myriad classic Peterson shapes are enriched by three distinguished finishes exclusive to the 2023 St. Patrick’s Day series. Being the 25th year of this tradition that began back in 1998, clearly this collection was made with determined Irish pride.

The craggy, black, sandblast offers a tight texture with a shiny dark gleam. The rusticated finish is crafted with a keen eye for proportion, with the whole of the impressions evoking the organized irregularity found in nature’s design. And of course, the stummels with the most attractive grain and consistency are destined to be smooths—in this case, finished in a lustrous burnt orange that reminds one of an elegant classical instrument. What’s more, Peterson has reprised the Irish flag band that adorned the first St. Patrick’s Day pipes 25 years ago. The sandblast and smooth finishes also include a special, hand-woven, Donegal tweed pipe bag.

The 2023 Peterson St. Patrick’s Day collection is born of tradition and heritage, fated to gift smoke after worthy smoke.

Dan Tobacco - The Mallard Flake Plus Perique 

Dan Tobacco The Mallard Flake with Perique Pipe Tobacco

Type VaPer
Tobacco Virginia, Perique
Cut Flake
As a gentle, drinkable Virginia Ready Rubbed Flake, The Mallard has found many friends since its introduction in 2007. Now we have added a good pinch of Perique to the composition from Zambia and Mysore and pressed the whole thing into a flake.


Cornell & Diehl Folklore (Small Batch) 

Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Folklore Pipe Tobacco

Type Virginia Based
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Katsuri, Kentucky, Perique, Virginia
Cut Cake
A tribute to the traditions and customs of cultures across the globe, including those held dearest at Cornell & Diehl, Small Batch Folklore celebrates five distinct flue-cured varietals, elevated by delicate accompaniments of genuine St. James Parish Perique, lightly smoke-cured Kentucky, and exotic Kasturi leaf from 2015. Folklore is a complex blend singular in its presentation as the first 16oz pipe tobacco in the Small Batch line. This solid-brick crumble cake is rich and elegant, with notes of sweet fruit, citrus, warming spices, and woodsy undertones.

Folklore marks Cornell & Diehl's first Small Batch roll out of the year, and the first run of this blend since its introduction in Jan 2022.


Presbyterian - Ordained

Presbyterian Ordained Pipe Tobacco

Type Straight Virginia
Tobacco Virginia
Cut Flake
Matured bright Virginia flakes deliver a bouquet of natural flavors — bread and hay with a subtle citrus undertone and a gentle, amiable spice. This toasty, artfully sweet smoke charmingly showcases what the bright, flue-cured leaf is all about, delivered through an easy, cool burn.

Missouri Meerschaum - Taste of Temptation

Missouri Meerschaum Taste of Temptation Limited Edition Pipe Tobacco

Type Aromatic
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Amaretto, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate
Cut Ribbon

Taste of Temptation is a delectable limited release Aromatic from  Missouri Meerschaum, the legendary makers of corn cob pipes. Made by Sutliff tobacco, this cherry and amaretto topped mixture is the perfect compliment to the season of love. Far from timid, not quite schmaltzy—it's what Valentines Day is all about. 

Savinelli - 140th Anniversary

Savinelli 140th Anniversary 2022 Edition Pipe Tobacco

Type Virginia Based
Tobacco Kentucky, Virginia, Oriental
Flavoring Floral, Citrus
Cut Ribbon
Commemorating 140 years of pipe-making tradition, Savinelli's 140th Anniversary blend is an elegant mixture of Red and Bright Virginias, spiced with Orientals and choice dark-fired leaf from Italy, and infused with subtle notes of citrus and wildflowers for a unique and satisfying smoke. 

The special dark-fired leaf employed in this blend is a staple in Italian cigar production, and is grown and double-fermented on a single farm in the Tuscan Tiber Valley region of Italy - a location recognized for its history and tradition of tobacco cultivation dating from the 17th century. 

Originally released in 2016, the Savinelli 140 was blended by Jeremy Reeves of  Cornell & Diehl, where it is manufactured. 

This is a limited release, although not its first appearance, and perhaps not its last. 

Cobblestone - Plum Rum

Cobblestone Limited Press Plum Rum Pipe Tobacco

Type English
Tobacco Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia, Virginia
Flavoring Rum, Fruit
Cut Cake
A thoughtfully complex, balanced mixture is pressed into a crumble cake for a very special limited blend from Cobblestone. Burley, bright Virginias, and Black Cavendish compose a lively foundation—grassy and woody, with a hint of brown sugar—atop which a light portion of smoky Latakia gracefully harmonizes with spicy and sweet aged rum. The top flavor is subtle—soothing and uniting the profile without diminishing the natural tobacco notes.

Sutliff - Eccentric (Birds of a Feather)

Sutliff Birds of a Feather Eccentric Pipe Tobacco

Type English
Tobacco Burley, Katerini (Oriental), Latakia, Virginia
Cut Cake
A blend many will think of as modified English tobacco. A good amount of Latakia takes the front seat and makes itself present throughout the smoke. A Red Virginia is chosen as base component, combined with Katerini Orientals which adds a more subtle spice to the blend. To make the blend harmonious and balanced in both nicotine and taste, a special Virginia type is blended with light Burley tobacco. The first impression is a smoky note, with Virginia sweetness and spices from the Katerini tobacco, all mixing in the taste for your pleasure.

The fourth of six installments to the Birds of a Feather Series from Sutliff Tobacco, blended by Mac Baren's Per Jensen.