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Tobacco Pipe Accessories

Smoking a tobacco pipe is often as much about the ritual as the smoking itself. All pipe smoking aficionados know that the right pipe accessories are essential to a good smoking experience. You need the right tools for smoking, cleaning, storage, and maintenance to make sure every bowl smoked is a pleasant experience.

Choosing the right smoking accessories for your tobacco pipe will ensure that your pipe maintains its quality and lasts for years to come. Our team chooses pipe smoking accessories to give you the highest value at the most affordable price. 

Pipe Ashtrays

Get a great pipe to help you contain your pipe's ash. For tobacco pipes, you need an ashtray that will be protective. A regular ashtray is not suited for your pipe, as you need something gentle to knock the ash out. This is why these come with a cork knocker in them. The cork knocker protects the pipe from damage that can happen if you knock your pipe against a hard surface.

Pipe Cleaners

You need something to clean out your pipes after using them. A dirty smoking pipe is unsanitary, will not smoke well, can taste bad, and can be easily damaged. You don't want to deal with the gross effect of smoking with a dirty pipe, especially when there are cleaners so readily available and affordable.

Pipe Filters

Some people love filters, while others want nothing to do with them. The filters make for a drier smoke, absorbing excess moisture and tar. Some pipes, like Savinelli, come with filters built-in. This means adapters are used to replace the filters for those smokers that dislike a filtered smoke. 

Pipe Lighters

Getting a good lighter for your tobacco pipe is something that will make your life that much easier. There's a practiced art form to lighting your pipe tobacco, and making sure you have the right tool at your disposal to perform this task will be the best way to properly enjoy your smoking experience.

Pipe Lighter Fuel

To use your pipe lighter, you need fuel in it. Some lighters require regular fuel, while others utilize butane. Having the right fuel for your lighter will be the best way to enjoy your tobacco.

Pipe Pouches

A great way to store your smoking pipes for a trip, pipe pouches offer protection and a great place to store your tobacco pipe until you have arrived at your location or just when you are ready for it.

Pipe Smoker Gear

Represent your favorite tobacco company with some memorabilia. We know what it's like to be a fan of a brand, and we want you to be able to show your support in every way you want to. Feel free to take a look at what we have, and support your pipe makers.

Tobacco Storage

You should not be storing your tobacco in plastic. Having a proper location to keep your pipe tobacco once you get it will be ideal for the best possible smoking experience. Feel free to look at everything we have here for you, and find the tobacco storage that best suits you.

Pipe Tools

There is more to using a smoking pipe than just having the pipe and to tobacco. You will need tools with your pipe so you can enjoy your smoking session. You will need a tamper to help pack the tobacco, along with a 3-in-1 tool and a reamer to help clean your pipes after smoking. You can find those, and other devices, here.

Tobacco Pipe Books

Want to learn more about pipe smoking? These books will provide you with some fantastic images and history. Read about the history of pipe making, the story behind tobacco, and the backgrounds of various pipe manufacturers through the ages.

Tobacco Pipe Stands and Racks

A tobacco pipe is more than just the item you use to enjoy smoking tobacco. Many of them are works of art and deserve to be displayed in one of our outstanding pipe stands. There's also a functional part to this fashion. When your pipe rests on one of these stands, it allows the moisture to head down into the bowl and evaporate there, making cleaning the pipe a little easier.

Tobacco Pouches

Just like the pipe pouches, these tobacco pouches are perfect for taking your stuff on the go. These pouches are specially made to hold your tobacco, keeping it safe and secure for traveling and making sure you can enjoy your pipe tobacco whenever you pull some out on your trip.


Are you looking for something not listed above? We have a few assorted miscellaneous items for you to take a look at here. Take a look and see if you find something you like!

  • BJLong 60 Pipe Cleaners

    BJLong 60 Pipe Cleaners

    Brand: BJ Long Model: Extra Absorbent Pipe Cleaners Length: 6.50 in. / 165.10 mm. Width:  Material: Cotton Quantity: 60 Country: USA

    $2.30 - $27.60
  • Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters Filters View

    Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters

    Vauen pipe filters are 9mm in diameter. Inside this paper filter there is a carbon filtration system. According to many this is the best form of filter. The carbon takes away an emphatic amount of moisture away from the smoke and it removes much more tar...

  • Nording Keystone Pipe Filters - 35 g. Nording Keystone Pipe Filters - 100 g.

    Nording Keystone Pipe Filters

    One hundred percent natural volcanic clay helps ensure a cool and dry smoke in your Nording Pipe! These high absorbing volcanic clay pellets also absorb excess condensation while smoking and these can be used in most smoking pipes. Brand:...

    $3.62 - $16.95
  • Dill's Weekly Tobacco Pipe Cleaner Single

    Dill's Weekly Tobacco Pipe Cleaner

    America's favorite Dill's Weekly Tobacco Pipe Cleaner! 32 Tobacco Pipe Cleaners per pack All cotton Extra absorbent Sturdy 6 Inch length For Weekly Use Dill's bristle pipe cleaners scrub and loosen the solid residue which accumulates in the...

    $2.70 - $29.16
  • BJ Long Extra Absorbent Short Pipe Cleaners 40

    BJ Long Extra Absorbent Short Pipe Cleaners 40

    Simply put, if you are a pipe smoker you need pipe cleaners. There is no way to avoid this chore of the hobby. Well at least not if you want to keep your pipes pristine and smoking like new. If you have to clean your pipe out, you might as well use the...

    $1.94 - $23.28
  • BJ Long Tobacco Pipe Cleaners - Extra Long

    BJ Long Tobacco Pipe Cleaners - Extra Long

    You know how difficult it can be to properly clean a churchwarden and other long stemmed pipes. What you absolutely have to have in your pipe maintenance kit is some extra long pipe cleaners. After smoking a bowl or two in your long pipe, run one of...

    $1.94 - $23.28
  • Savinelli 9mm Pipe Adapters Right Savinelli 9mm Pipe Adapters Left Savinelli 9mm Pipe Adapters Savinelli 9mm Pipe Adapters Back

    Savinelli 9mm Pipe Adapters

    If you love the style and class of Savinelli pipes but don’t love the balsa wood filter, no worries! This small adapter will turn your pipe into a traditional filter-less smoker. Made to fit the 9 mm size pipes traditionally sold in the European...

    MSRP: $1.00
  • Brigham Rock Maple Distillator Pipe Filters Single Pack Brigham Rock Maple Distillator Pipe Filters Brigham Rock Maple Distillator Pipe Filters Six Pack Brigham Rock Maple Distillator Pipe Filters Twelve Pack

    Brigham Rock Maple Distillator Pipe Filters

    This Brigham filter doesn't impede airflow and still allows for a great smoke. This is three inches of fresh wood to help remove acid and moisture that will help with tongue bite. These are reusable a few times. After each smoke, remove, rinse and...

    $4.93 - $59.16
  • Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters 40 Pack Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters 40 Pack Filters View

    Vauen Dr Perl Junior Filters 40 Pack

    Depending on what kind of tobacco you are smoking, there is a good chance you would be benefited by a high quality pipe filter in your shank. If you have a Vauen pipe, or a different brand pipe that takes a 9mm filter, then we suggest you give these Dr...

    MSRP: $7.70
  • Falcon 10 Pack Tobacco Pipe Filters Falcon 10 Pack Tobacco Pipe Filters Single Falcon 10 Pack Tobacco Pipe Filters Pack

    Falcon 10 Pack Tobacco Pipe Filters

    The 6mm Falcon pipe filters are made of wood cellulose. They work by absorbing condensation from the mouth, as well as tar and nicotine from the pipe bowl. These filters can be used in other 6mm tobacco pipes (like corn cobs and Savinelli pipes). Using...

  • Vauen Tabak Side Vauen Tabak Top

    Vauen 9mm Adapter

    The majority of Vauen pipes are built to handle their 9mm Dr Perl Junior pipe filters. However, they are smart; they know that not all smokers want to use a filter. This adapter is the product of their attention to this issue. If you are turned off by...

    MSRP: $8.00
  • Kiribi Lighter Flints - 20 Count Kiribi Lighter Flints - 20 Count Kiribi Lighter Flints - 20 Count

    Kiribi Lighter Flints - 20 Count

    Your Kiribi Lighter will eventually need new flints. Avoid the guesswork of figuring out which brand will work for yours and buy the right ones -- the Kiribi ones.  The simple glass bottle is just about the most attractive way to present such a...

    MSRP: $6.25