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Accessories for New Tobacco Pipe Smoker

People get into pipe smoking for many different reasons. One of the big attractions to tobacco pipe smoking is that there is an entire culture created around it that involves procedures and special accessories. People who are new to pipe culture should take the time to become familiar with the eight primary accessories that every pipe smoker uses.

Pipe Cleaners

Most people grow up playing with pipe cleaners or using pipe cleaners as part of arts and crafts projects. As you get into the pipe culture, you begin to realize how important pipe cleaners actually are. These are used to clean the stem of the pipe where the bowl meets the mouthpiece. To make sure that you are always getting the full taste of the tobacco you are using, you should use pipe cleaners regularly to keep the stem clean.

Pipe Nail

In order to get the most out of your pipe, you need to make sure that you pack your pipe properly. A pipe nail, also referred to as a pipe tool, is the metal instrument used to pack the tobacco tightly into the bowl so that it burns evenly.

Pipe Rack

A pipe rack is more than just a place to store your pipes. It is also the place where you can properly store your pipes so that they are always ready to be used. A pipe needs to be stored with the bowl facing down, and that is the position that a pipe rack will put your pipes in.


Lighters have also started to develop their own culture that goes hand in hand with the pipe culture. A good pipe lighter gives off a tall and broad flame that makes it easier to light the bowl. Many pipe smokers spend just as much time maintaining their lighters as they do their pipes.


A pipe pouch can be something as simple as a pouch used to carry tobacco, or it can be an elaborate pouch with holders for pipes, pipe cleaners and the pipe nail. If you take your pipes out regularly, then get a good pouch.

Cleaners and Polishes

Pipe owners are very proud of their pipes and work hard to make sure their pipes look good when on display in their pipe racks. When you clean your pipes, be sure to use only cleaners and polishes specifically designed to work with pipes.


The humidor is a storage device that keeps your tobacco fresh for a very long time. Cigar enthusiasts use humidors to keep cigars fresh for years. For a pipe smoker, a humidor means that they can keep expensive tobacco on hand without it going stale.


A pipe reamer is used to clean the bowl of the pipe and get the residue from old tobacco out of the pipe. If old tobacco is allowed to stay in the pipe bowl, then that affects the flavor of new tobacco. That is why it is important to have a reamer on hand at all times.