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10 Cherry Blends to Try Before the End of the Year

10 Cherry Blends to Try Before the End of the Year

Posted by Matthew Vandenburgh on 16th Apr 2021

10 Cherry Blends to Try Before the End of the Year

After our previous list of Virginia blends to try, we are now in the fourth of our blends to try series. As we said in the Aromatic list, there are so many excellent Cherry blends that they deserved their own list. Well, here's that list.

Cherry is easily one of the most popular types of Aromatic blend around. While vanilla might take the crown (that list will be coming later), many will argue that cherry is solidly in second place in terms of blends available and sold.

When looking at cherry aromatics, the question becomes how it is made. You might think that the topping will be a combination of cherry, cherry, and some more cherry, with nothing else. That is not accurate since getting the right flavor is more than using just one item. Sure, you will use cherry as the main ingredient, but other top notes will enhance the flavor far better than just having something by itself.

Cherry flavoring is something you will find everywhere in the world. Candy, soda, liqueur, everything has a cherry variant. So, where did cherry flavoring come from, and when did it start? The artificial flavoring was created by chemists in order to add that taste and aroma to whatever they were making.

Most artificial flavors were developed sometime between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Chemists back then did not have the understanding nor the technology to make the flavoring very accurate. Today's artificial flavoring is much more accurate.

The process starts very similarly to tobacco flavoring. The first thing they do is mash up the fruit. This is precisely how top notes are added to tobacco. Create a pulp and then add that to the tobacco leaves, let everything dry, and then blend everything together for people to enjoy.

The most potent thing about cherry blends is the flavor, not the strength, so if you find yourself looking for a great cherry tobacco, here are the ten we recommend you should check out.


Most cherry aromatic tobacco blends have a mild strength to them. These are not designed to knock your socks off; they are very much intended to be a relaxing time and a pleasant smoking session.

Cobblestone Cherry Delight

Cobblestone Cherry Delight

Made with Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish tobaccos, Cobblestone's reach into cherry aromatics certainly hits the mark. This is a great combination of tobacco flavor and topping flavor, with the earthy and nutty Burley flavor combining with the sugary Cavendish along with the cherry top note.

Mild in strength, you can enjoy this mellow blend any time you would like, and you do not have to worry about tongue bite as long as you smoke it responsibly. You can enjoy this tobacco all day long, as it will not be overpowering.

Cobblestone is known for high-quality blends, especially its aromatics. When you pick up one of their blends, you will be getting a treat in every bowl. Cherry Delight is undoubtedly a fitting name for this tobacco.

Cult Blood Red Moon

Cult Blood Red Moon

One of the most popular cherry blends around, Blood Red Moon features Burley and Cavendish tobaccos combined with toppings to give you a great taste of dark chocolate and cherry. Rich and sweet, one thing that reviewers agree on is that you will pick up the cherry flavoring of the blend. This is not a tobacco blend that will be overpowering, but the flavor is strong enough that it will linger long after you have finished your smoking session.

Something great about this blend is how the flavor adjusts as you continue. The cherry will be an immediate hit while the chocolate comes in as you progress through the bowl. You are not likely to deal with tongue bite from this Cult release, so enjoy yourself and enjoy your time under a Blood Red Moon.

Lane Limited Very Cherry

Lane Limited Very Cherry

An All-American company with an excellent catalog of blends, the Very Cherry tobacco from Lane Limited is one of the best cherry blends around. It starts with an excellent and inviting tin note, full of cherry scents. It is a very pleasant scent, one that you can enjoy even if you are not the one with the pipe.

With a consistent and deep flavor, you will be enjoying this blend for a while. We have heard of some tongue bite from it, but only if you are puffing too fast. So keep it slow and steady to get the best smoking experience you can with this Very Cherry blend.

Sillem's Red Pipe Tobacco

Sillem's Red Pipe Tobacco

Okay, so this one might be a bit of a cheat. Sillem's Red features a mixture of Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos with a fruity top note of apple, cherry, and plum. So while it is not a "pure" cherry, fans of the flavor will still pick up the scent and aroma they love, with a little extra that helps round everything out.

Coming in a broken flake cut, you will immediately pick up on the wonderful aroma right out of the tin. This aroma will maintain its pleasant nature throughout your smoking session, so it should not be offensive to anyone that is in the room with you while you are enjoying it.

Sillem's is known for its high quality pipe tobacco, and it should come as no surprise since the business can trace its lineage all the way back to the 16th century. Their logo, the Hanse's anchor cross, is a tribute to the Hanseatic League, their spiritual predecessors that banded together and were successful traders in almost 200 Medieval cities. There are plenty of Sillem's pipe tobacco options that show their longevity and ability, so feel free to take a look at other options for when you want something a little different.

Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

Mac Baren Cherry Ambrosia

In 1991 Mac Baren introduced Cherry Ambrosia to the world. This combination of Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos received a boost from cherry and rum flavoring. Since its introduction, it has remained one of the more popular cherry blends around, earning high reviews and praise.

In Ancient Greek mythology, ambrosia is the food or drink of the Gods. The tales vary, as it is one or the other, depending on which stories you read. This, it is said, was how the Gods retained their youth and immortality. Many legends have ambrosia falling into the hands of mortals who would become elevated into a higher state of being, such as Heracles being gifted some by the goddess Athena. That, or they faced punishment, like Tantalus' betrayal of Zeus and the attempted theft of some ambrosia to bring back to his people.

Mac Baren's delicious blend brings that divine delicacy to the fore, and everyone who wants to enjoy this blend will appreciate the taste.

Sutliff Z50 Black Cordial

Sutliff Z50 Black Cordial

The combination of Cherry and vanilla is loved by practically everybody whenever they are used. The sweet and savory combination of the two flavors creates an excellent treat wherever you find them, from ice cream, soda, candy, or tobacco.

The Sutliff Z50 Black Cordial has been one of the biggest and best examples of the great mixing of cherry and vanilla flavors in a pipe tobacco.

One of the best made tobaccos, Sutliff has done well to make a blend that is easy to handle and does not cause problems. The Black Cordial lights up easily and is not something that will cause tongue bite unless you really work at it. Very mild in strength, this will not be a tobacco that causes a problem on an empty stomach.

As for the flavor, it is mainly cherry, with the vanilla working as the accentuating piece. This allows the cherry to dominate but not overwhelm, meaning you will be able to appreciate this any time of the day or all day long. That is the great thing about cherry and vanilla combinations like this; you will be able to enjoy this for dessert, or as a treat between meals, or just a pleasant distraction while working.


Just because a tobacco blend is cherry flavored does not mean it has to be mild in strength. Sometimes you want a little more punch with your cherries, and these mid-strength blends do just that. They are not so strong that they become overwhelming, but they have more of a kick than the mild blends.

Sutliff Cherry Cobbler

Sutliff Cherry Cobbler

Cherry cobbler is one of the most popular summer dessert options. Cobblers originated here in the United States, back when we were colonies of Great Britain.

It is not certain how the cobbler name came to be, but it has been called that since the mid 1800s when John Russell Bartlett codified it in his Dictionary of Americanisms.

There are many ways to make a cherry cobbler, but the one thing that will be consistent, and that is the taste and aroma these treats give off.

That is the same thing you will get with the Sutliff Cherry Cobbler pipe tobacco. A mild but comfortable taste of cherry will fill your mouth with each puff, and the cherry aroma will linger pleasantly in the room, which will help anyone that is not enjoying a bowl of this blend appreciate it just as much as you.

Coming in a ribbon cut, this tobacco is easy to fill, simple to light, and comfortable to enjoy. Take your time with each smoking session, not because it will overpower you, but because you should want this to last as long as possible.

Borkum Riff Cherry Liqueur

Borkum Riff Cherry Liqueur

Cherry is a popular flavor in liqueur, with many alcoholic drinks utilizing cherry to add a pleasant taste to the beverages. This was exactly the same as Borkum Riff's thought process when they created the Cherry Liqueur pipe tobacco.

Borkum Riff created this blend with a mixture of 40 percent Burley and sixty percent Virginia tobaccos while adding the cherry and liquor top notes which make this one of the better smelling aromatics you will find.

You will find the room you are smoking in fill up with the pleasant aroma of cherries as soon as you open the pouch. When you light up, the cherry flavor takes the forefront, and you will pick up further notes from the sweet liquor. As you progress, the tobacco will be noticeable, especially the earthy Burley. This is a blend that a great meeting of two worlds, with Burley and Aromatics being well represented in the same pouch. It should not cause tongue bite if you take your time with this blend.

Another benefit to Borkum Riff's Cherry Liqueur is the affordability. In a pouch that holds an ounce and a half, you will be getting plenty of bang for your buck.

So whenever you are looking for a pleasant smoking session, Borkum Riff is here to provide you with a Cherry Liqueur that you can appreciate.

Sutliff SPS-3 Cherry

Sutliff SPS-3 Cherry

Sutliff tobacco was founded in 1849 in San Francisco, California, right in time for the gold rush. For over a century, the company stayed in the Golden State before moving to Virginia to further improve the quality control of their blends, securing its legacy as one of the best tobacco companies not just in the nation but throughout the world.

You have seen two other Sutliff blends on this list, as well as more on earlier articles, with more to come in the future. Their tobaccos are excellent and highly popular thanks to the almost 200 years of experience that the company holds.

SPS stands for Sutliff Private Stock, a newer series that holds a taste of all different types of tobacco, specially made for fans to enjoy whatever tobacco they are looking for at that time.

Their SPS-3 is the cherry addition to that list, with a pure Cavendish topped with the natural cherry extracts that give it a lovely aroma and sweet flavor. With some strength, but not enough to completely dominate, you will have a pleasant smoking session whenever you decide to fill your pipe with this blend.


While most cherry aromatics will not reach further than medium in strength, there are some that bring some a potent punch. When you are looking for a powerful blend that gives you a great cherry flavor, here is a suggestion for you.

Gawith Hoggarth & Co Black Cherry Twist

Black Cherry Twist from Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co.

Of all the tobacco blends in this series, you will probably have the most challenging time finding Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co's Black Cherry Twist. The company's tobacco is incredibly popular, with a fanbase that demands the excellence that very few other than Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co delivers so when it does come in stock, it sells out very fast. The best way to make sure you have a chance of getting some of this is to enter your email to get notifications when it comes in.

There are various reasons for this shortage, not least of which is the immense popularity of the Black Cherry Twist. The popularity is because of how good the blend is, which comes from the long history that Gawith, Hoggarth, & Co has. The company can trace its lineage through the generations, all the way back to 1792. Since they have over 200 years of experience in tobacco cultivation on hand, they have been able to create magnificent blends practically with their eyes closed.

Black Cherry Twist is a mix of Virginia tobaccos combined with a flavoring from black cherries. Black cherries are similar but not very closely related to the traditional fruit we think of but still provides a sweet taste that we know and love.

Coming in a rope cut, you will need to take your knife and slice enough to fill your smoking pipe, and this will allow you to give yourself exactly as much as you are looking for during each smoking session.

Cherry tobacco blends are incredibly popular and have been since aromatics started. For anyone that enjoys some fruity flavor while smoking, we hope you enjoy every blend on this list.

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