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Tobacco Pipes History

Tobacco Pipes History

Curious about tobacco pipe history?

Would you like to know why Savinelli pipes have such a storied history among pipe smoking enthusiasts?

Want to wow your friends with your knowledge of the favorite tobacco pipes of Mark Twain, Sherlock Holmes, or President Eisenhower?

It’s all here for you, in our completely bias and often incomplete tobacco pipes history and the stories of the brands that make them.

Choose your favorite brand and impress your smoking buddies with a little trivia. We can’t promise they won’t make fun of you if you begin referring to your favorite pipe as a thoroughbred, but we’re sure they’ll be impressed that you know why the thinking man smokes a Peterson Pipe;but a clever chap prefers a Vauen.

Waste a couple hours here and you’ll be calling yourself a pipe smoking aficionado and have the knowledge of pipe history to back up your claim!

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 Chapuis Comoy History  Clay Pipes History  Dr. Grabow History  Falcon History
 Jobey History  John Aylesbury History  Jorgen Nielsen History   Kaywoodie History
 Medico History  Missouri Meerschaum History  Nording History  Old Dominion History
 Peterson Pipes History  Rinaldo History  Rossi History  Savinelli History
 Sillems History  Stanwell History  Tsubota Pearl History  Vauen History
 Vuillard History  Yello Bole History  Matt Van History