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Holiday Shopping Guide for Pipe Smokers (12+ Easy Gift Ideas)

Holiday Shopping Guide for Pipe Smokers (12+ Easy Gift Ideas)

Posted by Chris Hopkins on 5th Nov 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Tobacco Pipe Gift Ideas

Shopping for your loved ones is a roller coaster of emotion. You can quickly go from being clueless about what they would like to experiencing the joy of knowing you chose the right gift. In the end, nothing compares to seeing their joy when opening up your gift.

The odds are if you clicked on our link and arrived at this article, you are shopping for a pipe smoker. But unless you are a smoker as well, it can be difficult to decide what your loved ones need or would like to have.

(Note: While many of the recommendations here are evergreen, we recommend taking a peek at our 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide for the most current recommendations to make the pipe collector in your life smile.)

Knowing Your Tobacco Pipe Smoker

The more you know about the smoking habits of your smoker, the easier it will be to shop for them. To help get you 

started we will include a pipe gift suggestion after each.

  • Vauen Duke Tobacco Pipe Gift ExampleAre you shopping for a beginner (someone looking to get into the hobby), the regular (someone who regularly smokes), a hobbyist (someone who loves the art of pipe smoking), or a collector (someone who is an “afficianado”)?
    • Because they are so affordable and very easy to break in, we suggest a Chapuis Comoy pipe for the beginner.
    • A regular smoker would appreciate a pipe like the Brebbia 1960 Sabbiata Nera for it is very unique and can handle a lot of smoking.
    • As an incredibly unique piece made in Germany, someone who is a hobbyist would be joyous to receive a Vauen Duke pipe.
    • The collector would love an artisan Cardinal House pipe by Walt Cannoy, a brand new line of handmade pipes.
  • Next, if he has a collection of pipes or tobacco, go and take a look at it. It is likely to show you a pattern or preference. They could have straight pipes, bent pipes, smooth pipes, or even rustic pipes. If your smoker has all of one kind, or if you see a common theme, the odds are they like that style.
  • Think about where he or she smokes. Most of the time smokers like to smoke certain pipes depending on where they are going to smoke.

For instance, if he likes to smoke his pipe while working in the yard or in the garage, an inexpensive but easy 

Frog Morton Pipe Tobacco Gift Set

smoking Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe is a great place to start. If he loves smoking indoors, then a pipe from the Rossi Siracusa collection is a great choice. But, if the spends most of his time traveling to tobacco shops or pipe shows, he may appreciate a bit more “show”, like that offered by the Peterson Spigot series.

The same scenarios can also be applied to tobacco. If your loved one loves to smoke in the house, then a lovely aromatic blend that would smell great, like the Mac Baren Seven Seas Regular Blend, would be a great choice. If they smoke outdoors more often, then a heavier tobacco, like McClelland Frog Morton is a great place to start.

  • Finally, you should ask yourself “what are they most likely to need?” Along with a tobacco pipe or a tobacco blend, your smoker is likely to need other accessories.

Your beloved pipe smoker will always be in need of pipe tools. For the holiday season, it is nice to spoil him with a handmade tool that they would not normally buy on their own. Tampers such as Vauen and Savinelli are some of the best pipe tools in the world but are inexpensive enough to be stocking stuffer gift for your smoker.

If the smoker you are shopping for is a traveler, if he takes his pipes away from home frequently, then a pipe and tobacco pouch like the Jobey Lambskin case is the perfect gift for them.

Maybe your smoker has plenty of tobacco pipes already, but he doesn’t have a way to display them. In this case a pipe rack, holding anywhere between one and seven pipes is a great idea.

Shop for Pipes Accordingly

If you are like us, then your holiday shopping is guided by a semi-strict budget. Have no fear, we offer plenty of pipes and accessories that are cheap enough to become stocking stuffers. With this small sample size we offer you a diverse series of pipes ranging from easily affordable to truly fantastic.

Stocking Stuffer Pipes:

  • Choosing a separate Falcon Bowl and Falcon Stem is a great way to personalize your pipe gift.

  • The Jobey Stromboli collection is a wonderful rustic pipe, perfect for the smoker who loves the outdoors.
  • A perfect pipe for someone who just loves to smoke is one from the Dr. Grabow Smooth line.

Mid-Range Tobacco Pipes:

Premium Level Pipes:

  • A gorgeous premium level pipe, that all smokers love, is a Peterson Rosslare Classic model.
  • For a pipe that is of the highest quality and has an interestingly unique finish, check out a Savinelli Sunset Italian pipe.
  • Or if you are looking for something a bit more inspired, take a look at the Chacom Eltang collaboration pipes.

Dream Tobacco Pipes:

  • To find one-of-a-kind-pipes, made by one of the most notoriously great pipe companies in the artisan world, see the Ardor Pipe Company selection.
  • But if you would like something made by hand, by an artist not a company, and carved in the USA check out pipes by Joe Case, Brandon Brooks, Paul Menard, or Steve LaVoice Jr. of Owl Pipes, all of whom are some of the most popular pipe carvers in the country.
  • For a pipe that is both coveted and highly collectable, visit the Savinelli Autograph page and take a glance at these gorgeous masterpieces.

Holiday Themed Sets

Savinelli and McClelland Holiday Gift Set

If you are not looking at a certain price range, you are just looking for a holiday-themed gift, we have those as well.

Some of our Christmas/holiday edition pipes are (all are limited edition pipes):

Our holiday season inspired tobacco blends include (each being a limited edition tobacco):

You could also be interested in gifting your favorite a holiday themed gift set, which may include a pipe, tobacco, tool, cleaners, or something else. To see our sets, view our Smoker Gift Sets page.

What to Remember when Shopping

Even though you are looking for a knockout pipe smokers gift, one that will floor the smoker you love, you should remember that you are the one picking out the pipe or other item. Forever, when they hold that pipe, they are going to remember it as a gift from you.

The gift you choose should represent you just as much as it should please your loved one.

We want your gift to be perfect.

If you have question or are looking for a more specific suggestion, leave us a comment or contact us for help. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect gift!