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Latest Tobacco Pipe Reviews

The Latest Tobacco Pipe Reviews for New Pipe Smokers

Looking for tobacco pipe reviews? Remember that not all tobacco reviews are what they're cracked up to be. When you're reading a review for such a delicate and refined product, make sure that you're getting it from a reputable source - someone who is knowledgeable and who has equal or greater experience in the world of tobacco. What seems like a good pipe to a newcomer to pipe smoking might not be as well received by a pipe tobacco expert who has tried many different kinds of pipes over the years. Here are a few pipes to consider as gifts.

Tobacco Pipe Reviews: The Savinelli "Day and Night" Set. This set of two pipes has the handcrafted flair of the Savinelli name and is a great idea for anyone who has been a pipe smoker for years. Savinelli's Italian balsa wood pipes are widely remarked to be among the best for the serious smoker. This is because the Mediterranean briar wood used in crafting a Savinelli pipe means that you get the driest tobacco possible. However, the real draw here is the styling: One pipe for daytime smoking and other for night, decorated with intricate sun, star and moon imagery on the mouthpiece.

Tobacco Pipe Reviews: Savinelli One Starter Kit Smooth. If you are interested in getting your start as a pipe smoker but you are not sure where to begin, turn to one of the most respected brands around. The Savinelli pipe that you get with this starter kit is by no means fancy and does not include the balsa filter system that really allows you to get the most flavor from Savinelli tobacco. However, the classic straight grain look of this handmade Billiard-style pipe brings one back to the most sophisticated images of pipe smoking. You also receive a pipe tool, tobacco pouch and pipe cleaners.

Tobacco Pipe Reviews: Peterson's of Ireland. Peterson's "Pipes of the Year" includes ebony, sandblast, smooth and rustic styles. No matter which Peterson pipe you choose, however, you will usually get the benefit of the revolutionary Peterson dry system. The "dry system" adds a special reservoir to your Peterson pipe so that tobacco cannot get moist and wet or worry you with tobacco juice. Like the Savinelli starter kit, Peterson pipes are also a good selection when you are new to pipe smoking and are concerned about getting the maximum enjoyment without worrying about "how" to smoke. Peterson pipes are a product of  Dublin, Ireland.