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Peterson versus Yello Bole Tobacco Pipes

Choosing a tobacco pipe is like choosing a car in some respects.  A high end, luxury car offers a different experience than a more economical one, but both get you where you're going.  Similarly, buying a high end, luxury pipe provides a somewhat different smoking session than a budget one, but both provide the same relaxing, pleasurable experience.  It's really a matter of personal taste.  With that in mind, deciding between a Peterson pipe and a Yello Bole pipe is something that you may find yourself having to do.  Luckily, knowing just a little about the two brands should help to make your decision much easier.

Peterson Tobacco PipesThe best Peterson pipes are often considered higher end pipes and cost a bit more than Yello Bole pipes will.  They're made from the finest briar wood available, using only straight grain wood.  This means that every pipe begins as a piece of wood that is inspected by hand to ensure no imperfections exist within it.  They'll be hand carved by a craftsman and treated with care.  These pipes also use a Peterson Lip system that fits the mouth comfortable and provides a good, cool, clean smoke.  Numerous styles and finishes are available from Peterson, making it easy to find one that fits your personality.

Yello Bole pipes are less expensive and still provide a decent smoking experience.  Some are made from imported Italian briar wood, but many are create from a synthetic compound called Brylon.  This is a much cheaper and easier alternative than briar, but purists argue that the smoke quality is far less than it would be with wood.  Still, many suggest spending money on the tobacco instead of the pipe itself, and Yello Bole pipes are often good starter pipes or pipes to keep on hand along with mid to high grade pipes like a Peterson.Yello Bole Tobacco Pipe

Rotation is key for pipe health.  After using a pipe you'll need to let it rest for a day or two before smoking in it again.  If you like to enjoy a pipe every day, this means you'll need a couple of pipes for quality rotation.  Many opt for buying a high end pipe such as a good Peterson and then adding a cheaper Yello Bole or two to ensure that each pipe gets a good rest between smokes.  Of course, it's all up to your budget and your personal taste, and in the end the important thing is that you enjoy yourself.