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Savinelli versus Dr. Grabow Tobacco Pipes

Deciding to smoke a tobacco pipe isn't a hard decision for many people.  Most are looking for a way to relax at the end of the day and enjoy a few quiet moments to themselves, and lighting up a pipe is a great way to do just that.  But for many, deciding just which type of pipe to buy is a more difficult decision.  It doesn't help when there are so many different pipes on the market.  Two popular choices are Dr. Grabow pipes or Savinelli pipes.  Both are worthwhile considerations, but each offers the pipe smoker two somewhat different experiences.

Dr. Grabow Tobacco PipesDr. Grabow pipes make excellent starter pipes, travel pipes, or additions to a collection.  They're not known as 'luxury' or 'high end' pipes, but many people don't care about that in the least.  They come with a much lower price than other options and are machine produced in Sparta, North Carolina.  They're easy to find, but do use briar wood that is somewhat less aged than other pipes.  Most pipe smokers are likely to have at least one Dr. Grabow in their collection somewhere, and many of them have several different ones to choose from.  They're excellent pipes available at an excellent price.

The Savinelli pipe brand is one of the more respected and offers mid-range and high end pipes, depending on what a person is looking for.  They use older briar wood than a Dr. Grabow, but cost more – often double or triple the price.  But most agree that the quality is well worth the price, especially since the wood is usually pure, with no putty filling the imperfections and no heavy coats Savinelli Tobacco Pipesof shellac to add bitterness to the smoke.  They also use a special balsa wood filter to help cool the smoke and give it a cooler, cleaner quality.

Your budget and your ultimate taste will be the two main things to consider when you buy any pipe, and choosing between a Dr. Grabow and a Savinelli can actually be easier than most think.  Many choose to buy one or more of each, mainly because it's important to let a pipe rest for a couple of days between each smoke.  This means that having multiple pipes is essential, and having one budget pipe and one higher quality one ensures that you get the best of both worlds and that your pipes get the chance to rest and cure properly.